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Things I Found Online Podcast

Greetings! Congratulations on your excellent taste in podcast entertainment.

Things I Found Online stars Voice Over Great Joe Cipriano, Radio Personality Larry Morgan and Premiere Radio Founder Louise Palanker.

We grew up with one way media but we are now all the consumers AND the creators of the content that informs, instructs, amuses, annoys, supports, attacks, distracts and entertains us. So, Let’s talk about it. Beware. Radio legends are exploring the Internet.


Enjoy your stay and share your thoughts. Is there a fine specimen of online content that you would like us to showcase and discuss on our show? Please let us know. We are as interactive and collaborative as the Internet itself.

You can listen to all of our shows right here, and/or subscribe to us on iTunes.

AND, if you are up to multi-tasking you can look at us while you listen. TIFO is a fancy, new fangled video podcast.

Thank you for reading this far, Mom.


Jul 26, 2018

Pack plenty of sardonic irony. We are journeying into The Leftbook Facebook underground.  Also, at what level of fake does news get pulled by Mark Zuckerberg? Has the internet forgiven James Gunn for offensive nine year old sins and what, for the love of gender ambiguity is a theybie? Plus the top one list, What's...

Jul 12, 2018

Gaming culture is a microcosm of humanity with all of its joy and kindness, racism and misogyny. We are exploring all of the above and answering the questions, “Why are so many games marketed to men and boys?” Is gaming culture toxic? and “Did the hyper-masculine sexist, racist trash talk of online gaming...

Jul 5, 2018

We are exploring digital tribes. Are online affiliations bonding us more strongly than are national or religious ties? Is digital tribalism leading to a decline in reason? MOTH Story Slam Champion David Rodwin is here to illuminate the many shades of Polyamory, Swinging, sex and love. We are also delving into...